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 All Purpose "NO SCRATCH" Sponges

TUF SHINE Scrub-All Sponge®

The greatest sponge ever invented! We designed the Scrub-All sponge out of pure necessity. It was originally designed to remove dried on bug splatters on windshields and front ends, but found it to be an all-purpose sponge that can be used everywhere. It will clean just about any surface and finish without scratching. Its special fiber pad gently cleans textured surfaces and rinses clean. The Scrub-All sponge will absorb 15X its weight in water, is 100% synthetic and resists mold, mildew and bacteria. It will not harbor bacteria making it odor free. Buy extra sponges and use them in your kitchen and bath. Your spouse will love them, and they will outperform any sponge you have ever owned..


"NEW" Large "No Scratch" Sponge

The perfect sponge for removing bug splatters on windshields and painted surfaces.  Reaches into textured surfaces for deep cleaning.  Safe for Interior leather and vinyl.  Size: 4" x 7" x 1"


Cost $11.99

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