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TUF SHINE Products - International Ordering Instructions

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Tire Shine Details Page Click Here!

Tire Shine Kit includes:

one 6oz bottle of TUF SHINE Tire Clearcoat
one 24oz bottle of ready to use Tire Cleaner
one Applicator Sponge.
one Tire Brush
one set of Nitrile Gloves

Current Price

Tire Shine Kit
 $41.99 USD
Tire Clearcoat Details Click Here!

Tire Clearcoat
A 6 oz. bottle will coat approximately
20 passenger tires with 2 coats each.
First time users should purchase the TUF SHINE Tire
Shine Kit with the Tire Cleaner and tire brush included.

Current Price

6 Oz.    $24.99 USD
16 Oz.  $44.99 USD
Black Restore Kit Details Click Here!

TUF SHINE Black Restore Kit is a unique product designed to restore faded and oxidized tires and black exterior trim. It will permanently revitalize older, weathered looking surfaces. Apply it with the sponge applicator (included) and watch those surfaces go from old to new with very little effort.

Current Price

Black Restore Kit  $21.00 USD
Tire Cleaner Details Click Here!

TUF SHINE Tire Cleaner - specially formulated this heavy duty cleaner to thoroughly clean tires and rubber floor mats. It is rated as one of the best tire cleaners by professional detailers and car enthusiasts alike.

Current Price

24 Oz Tire Cleaner                             $11.99 USD
32 Oz Tire Cleaner Concentrate     $16.99 USD
1 Gallon Tire Cleaner                         $42.00 USD
1 Gallon Tire Cleaner Concentrate  $62.00 USD
Spray and Shine Detailer Click Here for Details!

Spray & Shine is the NEXT GENERATION of Quick Detailer products. It provides one of the slickest feeling finishes available and has been tested against most major brands. It is a anti-static protective coating that enhances the gloss and shine in just minutes. It will level out imperfections in the clear coat to give the paint SPARKLE. It cures and bonds to the surface providing a more durable finish.

Current Price

22 Oz Spray & Shine        $9.99 USD
1 Gallon Spray & Shine  $33.99 USD
Applicator Sponge Details Click Here!

TUF SHINE Applicator Sponges are specially designed to apply a smooth even finish on tires. They are made from a durable, tear resistant material and are shaped for ease of use. When thoroughly rinsed after use, they can be used over and over again for touch-ups.

Current Price

Applicator Sponge Set of 2      $4.99 USD
Applicator Sponge Set of 6    $10.99 USD
Applicator Sponge Set of 12  $21.99 USD

Tire Cleaning Brush Details Click Here!

The TUF SHINE Tire Brush is a very popular brush among professional detailers. The handle is comfortable to grip and the angle is just right for its intended use. The bristles are not too stiff nor too soft, but just right for cleaning fine ribbing and lettering on tires. This brush can take all the abuse you can give it and it keeps on performing. Use it for all types of cleaning applications around the garage and in the home.

Current Price

Tire Cleaning Brush                  $7.99 USD
Tire Cleaning Brush set of 6  $39.00 USD
Large Tire Brush

"NEW" Large Tire Brush


This brush provides 30% more bristle area than our original tire brush for quicker cleaning especially on larger tires.

Current Price

Large Tire Brush                                 $14.49 USD
Wheel Well Brush

"NEW" Wheel Well Brush

The Ideal brush for cleaning wheel wells and other items such as floor mats and carpet.

Overall Length 20"

Current Price

Wheel Well Brush                                $16.99 USD
Microfiber Towel Details Click Here!

Microfiber Towels - These super plush towels are fantastic for applying and buffing off TUF SHINE Spray and Shine detailing spray.
The silk edges will not scratch the paint like cheap towels can.
They are also great for dusting interior surfaces. One side is plush and the other has a shorter nap for different surfaces and uses.

Current Price

Microfiber Towel Set of 2  $10.98 USD
Microfiber Towel Set of 6  $29.99 USD
Synthetic Chamois

Synthetic Chamois

We now offer this great super absorbent synthetic chamois that leave a lint free finish on glass, paint and other hard surfaces.

Size 17" x 17" Machine Washable

Current Price

Synthetic Chamois                            $12.99 USD
Scrub-All-Sponge Details Click Here!

Scrub-All SpongeŽ The greatest sponge ever invented! We designed the Scrub-All sponge out of pure necessity. It was originally designed to remove dried on bug splatters on windshields and front ends, but found it to be an all-purpose sponge that can be used everywhere. It will clean just about any surface and finish without scratching. Its special fiber pad gently cleans textured surfaces and rinses clean. The Scrub-All sponge will absorb 15X its weight in water, is 100% synthetic and resists mold, mildew and bacteria. It will not harbor bacteria making it odor free.

Current Price

Scrub-All SpongeŽ                           $2.49 USD
Scrub-All SpongeŽ Pack of 6     $10.99 USD
Large No Scratch Sponge

"NEW" Large "No Scratch" Sponge

The perfect sponge for removing bug splatters on windshields and painted surfaces.  Reaches into textured surfaces for deep cleaning.  Safe for Interior leather and vinyl.  Size: 4" x 7" x 1"

Current Price

Large "No Scratch" Sponge                 $3.99 USD