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TUF SHINE Testimonials

I want to let you know just how well TUF SHINE has worked on the tires of my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have gone 15 months since applying your tire shine. During that time, I have washed my tires at the local coin operated car wash at least once, sometimes twice a week. When washing the tire, I hold the high-pressure sprayer about 3″ away from the tire to blast off the dirt and grime. I use the soap setting followed by a clear rinse. Through all that, there was little or no change in the appearance of the finish and it never has washed off. The white raised letters have stayed white the whole time. I can even touch up scuff marks to the point where they disappear without redoing the whole tire. I recommend this product to anyone. It&s fantastic!

P.S. The Black Restore Kit made my door handles go from light gray to deep black and they have stayed that way the whole time. It works just as you claimed it would. DT Provo, UT
What impresses me the most (let alone durability, its only been a day) is its non slinging, and dry to the touch! Any idea how many pairs of jeans me or my kids have wrecked when lifting something out of the back of my truck and our knee comes in contact with the freshly dressed wheel? I'm sold just on that fact! I really, really like this stuff!
Dear TUF SHINE, I have been using TUF SHINEs tire shine product for about 4 years now and it has been by far the best product I have ever used. I was always searching for a product that could give me the shine I wanted with as little spin off as possible. TUF SHINE gives me the shine and zero spin off. Not only that, but the shine can last much longer than any other product on the market. I will never use anything else as this is the best product I have ever used. I have recommended this to my friends and would recommend it for anybody who is looking for an amazing tire shine that lasts. Thanks for a great product! Brent G. Sandy, UT
The next morning, after letting the car sit all night, the tires looked great. But of course they would. The real test will be the long-term driving test. So…… looking at the tires now that it’s been a week, I’d say that they still look pretty good. Better than any other product that you can buy in a store. However, I was expecting them to look a little shinier still after a week. I shouldn't complain though. Would I recommend it? If you're willing to deal with more work in applying the shine, then yes. You can see that this stuff has stood up very well.
I wanted to Thank You So Very Much for your Products!
It makes our car look so nice after we use your products. Your Spray & Shine makes our paint look so good and the Permanent Tire Shine makes our tires look great!! Thank You so much. We are so glad to have your products on our car. Here are some pictures of our car with your products so you can see how GREAT it looks! We have your card displayed on our car sign so people know what we are putting on our car. We have people asking all time and they say it looks like it just came off a showroom floor. The car speaks for itself. THANKS SO MUCH TUF SHINE!!! Angela Ogden, UT
Alrighty.... after 100+ miles of driving today and through a huge storm I came home to inspect my tire. I washed the tire down, ... dried it off to find that the tire looks EXACTLY the way it did yesterday!!! Still shiny, no cracks and no browning and no oily surface as it dries to the touch!!!"